Make Your Own Easter Cards

We do love Crafts in our house, the kids love everything from colouring in through to painting and everything in between.  Recently Keighley and the boys sat down and made some Easter cards to give to people. The boys loved using their new Tuff Tray, that Keighley bought at the beginning of the Easter holidays, to make these as  the bits and pieces they used … Continue reading Make Your Own Easter Cards

WaterWipes Review

Like most parents we have a favourite brands for things, Bottles, nappies and wet wipes to name just a few. So when the lovely people at WaterWipes contacted us to try their Wipes I did so with a little hesitation.  We’ve always used Huggies Pure Wipes since Oliver had an allergic reaction to another brand we haven’t strayed since. However my wife and I had … Continue reading WaterWipes Review

Decorating Chocolate Eggs

This is a great idea for children who are bored this Easter Holiday.  Modelling chocolate or chocolate play doh is a craft Oliver loves doing with his Nanny.  In this photo Olivers Nanny made simple flowers out of the chocolate play doh which Oliver then Stuck on to a Easter egg (which his Nanny made, however you can also use a ready made egg as … Continue reading Decorating Chocolate Eggs

Top Tips for Travelling with Kids 

As most parents know there is nothing more scary then planning a long trip with young children involved, invariably there is some sort of melt down from someone due to the time spent cooped up in whatever form of transport you are using at that time.  Since Oliver has been born we’ve had three trips to Greece to see family with him and then Leo … Continue reading Top Tips for Travelling with Kids