Learning British Sign Language

Last night I started on a thirty week course to learn British Sign Language or BSL for short. As regular followers of this blog will know both Keighley and Leo have a hearing loss and although Keighley lip reads Leo is still young enough to need the extra assistance to communicate with other people. Following a point around last Christmas where Leo wanted something and … Continue reading Learning British Sign Language

Our Cochlear Journey Update 5

The day before we jetted off to Athens to visit family we had another appointment at St Thomas’s as part of Leo’s Cochlear Implant assessment. Following on from the last appointment where we had been asked to practice a new testing technique with Leo and develop that. During the appointment the audiologist tried a the testing technique with Leo that we had been practicing and … Continue reading Our Cochlear Journey Update 5

Our Cochlear Journey Update 4

Previous Updates: Our Cochlear Journey! Our Cochlear Journey Update #2 Our Cochlear Journey Update #3 Current Update: Today Leo had a follow up appointment at St Thomas’ after his three month referral back to our local hospital for further hearing tests. During the last three months it looks like, from the hearing tests that Leo might well have had a further loss in his right … Continue reading Our Cochlear Journey Update 4

My Sunday Photo 17:14 Hearing Matters! 

Today marks the end of Deaf Awareness Week. During the last week we have had a number of posts from some great bloggers. We’ve covered everything from Baby Sign through to Facts and Figures from Action on Hearing.  I would like to thank our guest bloggers who are either themselves featured in the photo above or their children are.  You can read this weeks posts … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 17:14 Hearing Matters! 

Our Deaf Journey – Recap. 

 Originally posted in May last year  Written by Keighley Miles  May plays host to Deaf Awareness Week (2-8) May and they are celebrating 10 years since the launch of new-born hearing screening (NBHS).  This is something that is close to our heart because it was during Leo’s New-born hearing screening there was fears raised about his hearing. I (mum) have decided to write a bit … Continue reading Our Deaf Journey – Recap. 

Hearing Matters from Action on Hearing

Did you know that in 2015 over 11 million people in the U.K. had a hearing loss of some description, that’s equivalent to 1 in 6 of us and that by 2035 that number is expected to rise to 15.6 million or 1 in 5. That number is just staggering when you actually stop to think about it. In fact most people probably know someone … Continue reading Hearing Matters from Action on Hearing

Our Cochlear Journey Update #3

Following on from the last update where we were waiting for St Thomas’s to have a meeting to decided whether or not to proceed with Leo having Cochlear Implants.  We received the news from St Thomas that they want to wait for a while to see if Leo’s hearing gets worse or he falls further behind with his speech levels. Although not the news we … Continue reading Our Cochlear Journey Update #3