My Sunday Photo 17:14 Hearing Matters! 

Today marks the end of Deaf Awareness Week. During the last week we have had a number of posts from some great bloggers. We’ve covered everything from Baby Sign through to Facts and Figures from Action on Hearing.  I would like to thank our guest bloggers who are either themselves featured in the photo above or their children are.  You can read this weeks posts … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 17:14 Hearing Matters! 

Our Cochlear Journey Update #3

Following on from the last update where we were waiting for St Thomas’s to have a meeting to decided whether or not to proceed with Leo having Cochlear Implants.  We received the news from St Thomas that they want to wait for a while to see if Leo’s hearing gets worse or he falls further behind with his speech levels. Although not the news we … Continue reading Our Cochlear Journey Update #3

Two Years of Hearing Aids

On this day two years ago Leo received his first pair of hearing aids. Having been diagnosed with a hearing loss during his New Born Hearing Screening Test after they failed to get a result Leo was sent for further testing including a NBR which is a test they do when the child is asleep to see if they can get any feedback on his/her … Continue reading Two Years of Hearing Aids

Our Cochlear Journey Update #2

It’s been a while since I wrote a piece on Leo’s Cochlear Journey and thought that it was time to correct that.  Today in London after numerous appointments, hearing tests and speech and language sessions the team of people behind Leo’s care are all going to be making a decision on how to proceed, there are two options that could come out of this meeting. … Continue reading Our Cochlear Journey Update #2

The Pioneers of Disability Sport.

I have often written about the Hearing Loss within our family and in fact we are currently on our Cochlear Implant Journey with Leo. So when I was contacted to talk about ‘The Pioneers of Disability Sport’ on the blog I was quick to agree. I’m going to be honest as a child I hated sports and pretty much everything to do with them and for … Continue reading The Pioneers of Disability Sport.

International Cochlear Implant Day. 

Today 25th February is International Cochlear Implant Day. As a family who had a Cochlear Implant User in the household and also going through the process at the moment to see if Leo is eligible to receive Cochlear Implants this year I thought it would be good to look at the history of these fantastic devices.  60 Years ago today, two French scientists by the … Continue reading International Cochlear Implant Day. 

Balance Testing! What I’m Expecting!

Today we are on our way to GOSH in London for an appointment that I’ve been dreading, Leo is having a Balance Test.  Due to his hearing loss and also because it is getting worse we’ve noticed that he isn’t as stable on his feet as other kids his age and therefore were referred to have his balance checked. Now this is all well and … Continue reading Balance Testing! What I’m Expecting!