Word of the Week Wednesday # 3: Disney!

This past week in our house the word has most definitely been Disney. As we prepare for our trip to Disneyland Paris we have obviously been saying Disney a lot. We had a reveal of our trip in the Disneystore recently where Oliver found out that we were going and he went nuts, he is so excited it's amazing and stressful all rolled into one. … Continue reading Word of the Week Wednesday # 3: Disney!

Star Trek Discovery

Over the last weekend CBS revealed a new trailer of their new Star Trek series, Discovery. In fact over the last week there have been little snippets released here and there helping to raise the profile of the much slated new series. Yep, I said much slated, unfortunately like I the recent Doctor Who conflict following the revelation that the next Doctor was going to be … Continue reading Star Trek Discovery

Airfix Spitfire and Messerschmitt Bf109E-3: Review

One of those things I will remember from childhood is the Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons spent making various Airfix models, so when the lovely people from Airfix got in contact and asked if you would like to review some of their kits to mark the release of the new movie Dunkirk, which is out today, I jumped at the chance. We were sent four … Continue reading Airfix Spitfire and Messerschmitt Bf109E-3: Review

A Very Disney Easter

Our Easter break in this household lasted three whole weeks, three weeks I hear you say!!! Yep three weeks. My wife works in a private school and they have longer and different holidays from state schools. As Oliver attends their Pre-Prep he also got three weeks off.  As you can imagine keeping the kids entertained for three weeks was difficult but we decided to take … Continue reading A Very Disney Easter

Would you Live in Pontypandy? 

My youngest son has recently become a huge Fireman Sam fan, we’ve watched a lot of the more recent stuff and I’ve even found the originals from way back when on YouTube.  Whilst watching it with him I got to thinking that it must be a lovely place to live, it seems like a lovely small town with beautiful rolling hills and mountains surrounding it, … Continue reading Would you Live in Pontypandy? 

The Lego Batman Conundrum 

A while back I posted a My Sunday Photo post of Oliver’s new found love of Lego and in particular the Batman range.  Well since that post that love for Batman has increased to the point he has actually asked for Lego Batman sets for his birthday this coming Thursday. The weird thing about it all is the fact we have actually not taken him to … Continue reading The Lego Batman Conundrum