My Experience of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

written by Carly Sygrove of My Hearing Loss Story Nine months ago I was sitting in a school auditorium, listening to a guest speaker giving a presentation. I am a teacher of Early Years children, and this was part of the school training sessions, a week before the start of the new school year. I lifted my head up from writing some notes, and out of … Continue reading My Experience of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

An Experience of Baby Sign Language 

Written by Hollie of Thrifty Mum What’s baby sign language? I was first introduced to baby signing when bumping into an old school friend. She had been taking her 1 year old daughter from being a couple of months old to a local baby signing class. We made time to go for a coffee and that’s when I witness how amazing baby signing is.  Baby signing … Continue reading An Experience of Baby Sign Language 

Living with EVA

Written by Sarah and Laura of Arthurwears You can follow Arthurwears on the following links Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Sudden hearing loss in a child can come as a huge shock. Not only does it change their perception of the world around them and put them in a potentially frightening and unfamiliar situation – it also changes the lives of those around them, who interact with them, who are used … Continue reading Living with EVA

Learning a New Language!

I have often spoken about Leo’s hearing loss and where we are within his journey. One thing I have never written about though is the fact that since Christmas, we’ve all been learning BSL (British Sign Language) to help Leo communicate his wants and needs. It will also come in handy when he has his operation for Cochlear Implants and after he operation he will … Continue reading Learning a New Language!

Hearing Loss Awareness Week 2017 

Today the 15th May marks the start of Deaf Awareness Week 2017, this is a cause close to our hearts in our family due to the fact that both my wife and my youngest son have a Hearing Loss.  Through the course of this week we have some fantastic guest blogs for you to enjoy, updates from our family journey and also some facts and … Continue reading Hearing Loss Awareness Week 2017 

My Sunday Photo 17:13; Kitten Love

Recently a friend of ours cat had three kittens, every time we’ve been round they have almost always been hidden away, however they are now at the age of looking for new homes (ours not being one of them) that means however that the kittens are now a lot more active and inquisitive.  We popped round during the week and Leo latched on to the … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 17:13; Kitten Love