Organix – Rainbow Savoury Muffins Recipe

We are very lucky in that both Oliver and Leo will eat pretty much everything we serve them and that they tend to prefer fruit over sweet foods. Recently when the lovely people at Organix got in touch and asked if we wanted to try a recipe or two of theirs we jumped at the chance. The first recipe we tried was their Savoury Muffin … Continue reading Organix – Rainbow Savoury Muffins Recipe

Learning British Sign Language

Last night I started on a thirty week course to learn British Sign Language or BSL for short. As regular followers of this blog will know both Keighley and Leo have a hearing loss and although Keighley lip reads Leo is still young enough to need the extra assistance to communicate with other people. Following a point around last Christmas where Leo wanted something and … Continue reading Learning British Sign Language

Word of The Week Wednesday!

This Week: Decorating! This week has been a really hectic week. Oliver has started in reception at school and Leo has started back at Nursery, we’ve also had or have appointments left, right and centre this week and I am starting a course this evening studying BSL (British Sign Language). However on top of all this we have decided that this is a fantastic week … Continue reading Word of The Week Wednesday!

Our Cochlear Journey Update 5

The day before we jetted off to Athens to visit family we had another appointment at St Thomas’s as part of Leo’s Cochlear Implant assessment. Following on from the last appointment where we had been asked to practice a new testing technique with Leo and develop that. During the appointment the audiologist tried a the testing technique with Leo that we had been practicing and … Continue reading Our Cochlear Journey Update 5

OMG You’re Starting School!

  This morning Oliver will start in Reception at his new school and I am left wondering where the last four years have gone? I can remember quiet clearly bringing Oliver home from the hospital and thinking how he had his whole life ahead of him.   Well now he is making his start on that journey within his life and taking his first full … Continue reading OMG You’re Starting School!

My Sunday Photo 17:24. Dinosaurs!

As this is the last weekend of our summer holidays we decided to have one last outing as a family before the onslaught of autumn and then winter and everything that entails for us including a new baby and an operation for Leo. We decided to take a trip to the Natural History Museum in London for the Dinosaurs. Recently both boys have shown an … Continue reading My Sunday Photo 17:24. Dinosaurs!

Word of the Week Wednesday

This weeks word is: SCHOOL! Oliver starts reception next Monday and although he has been in a school setting during his time at the pre-prep we sent him to, the nerves are still there for myself and Keighley. Obviously we want to prepare him for the time he has ahead and for the last week or so the word school has had more then it’s … Continue reading Word of the Week Wednesday

Top Tips for Flying With Kids And Toddlers.

All parents have been there are some point or another in their child’s life and that is the holiday flight. Now whether it is a long or short haul flight the natural dread of your kids being asked to sit down and be couped up with at least 100 other people for any amount of time over 10 minutes is a real worry. The questions … Continue reading Top Tips for Flying With Kids And Toddlers.